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Advanced Placement (AP) World History Course Description 

AP World History

World History requires the development of thinking skills using the processes and tools that historians employ in order to create historical narrative. Students will also be required to think on many different geographical and temporal scales in order to compare historical events over time and space. AP World History is structured around the investigation of five themes woven into 19 key concepts covering six distinct chronological periods. History is a sophisticated quest for meaning about the past, beyond the effort to collect and memorize information. This course will continue to deal with the facts—names, chronology, and events—but it will also emphasize historical analysis. This will be accomplished by focusing on four historical thinking skills: 

  1. Chronological Reasoning
  2. Comparison and Contextualization
  3. Crafting Historical Arguments from Historical Evidence
  4. Historical Interpretation and Synthesis


Course Textbooks and Other Readings

Main Textbook:

Bentley, Jerry, and Herbert Ziegler. Traditions & Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past. New

York: McGraw-Hill, 2014. Kindle Edition.


The course is structured around the investigation of 5 themes...

Summary Info:


Format: Online

Approval: UC a-g/NCAA

Duration: Full Year

Credits: 10

Prerequisite: None