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Advanced Placement (AP) American Government Course Description 

AP American Government

This AP U.S. Government and Politics class is a one-semester course. It introduces students to the Foundations of American Democracy. Emphasis is placed on the Interactions Among Branches of Government and Civil Liberties and Civil Rights. Students also spend time learning about the importance of political participation. Throughout the course, students have the opportunity to analyze and compare political concepts, analyze and interpret quantitative data, and analyze and interpret qualitative and visual sources. Students will be required to apply course concepts and Supreme Court decisions to real-world contexts. Students will develop arguments in essay form, engage in political science research, and analyze 15 required Supreme Court Cases. 

Primary Textbook

Wilson, James., Dilulio, John. J., Bose, Meena, and Levendusky, Matthew. American Government: Institutions & Policies, 15th ed. AP Edition. 2016. Kindle Edition. 

Supplemental Readings

15 required Supreme Court cases and nine foundational documents will be provided in digital form.


The course is structured around the investigation of 5 themes...

Summary Info:


Format: Online

Approval: UC a-g/NCAA

Duration: Semester

Credits: 5

Prerequisite: None